price list

The following prices are recommended by and copied from The Danish Union of Journalists┬┤ website. To get an idea of prices in Danish kroner feel free to use the following link:

En streg i sandet


Note: When bigger assignments other prices can be agreed upon. In general it is always a good idea to contact me and describe the project.


Price list in euro:

(Unless other agreements are made).


News papers/magazines

Front cover illustration

Euro: 804


News papers/Magazines Commenting illustration

Euro: 536

News papers/Magazines


Euro: 357


News papers/Magazines


Euro: 179


Book cover illustration

Euro: 730


Book (open) illustration

2 full pages.

Euro: 487


Book illustration

Euro: 325


Book vignet

Small drawing/decoration

Euro: 163



Graphic design/illustration

Euro: 804


Smaller drawing/illustration

Euro: 268



Graphic design/illustration

Euro: 1250


Post card

Graphic design/illustration

Euro: 804



3-5 illustrations in a row

Euro: 445



One full page

Euro: 804


Graphic design

Web design/Identity/logos..

(Please contact me!)